Tor User Groups

You are interested in Tor? Have questions? Meet other local Tor users! Organize a Tor hackfest! Hold workshops, etc. Your ideas welcome.

For now, just add yourself to this page. Include some contract information and areas you are interested in.

World Map

FIXME: Insert static image of world map with nice markers



  • Augsburg: Moritz (press contact, user groups, workshops; anything really)
  • Bremen: flaushy
  • München: Poldi (for contact information look up node NamiTemp2)
  • Berlin: Juris (user groups, sponsor meetings, workshops, …) Contact: juris AT

Washington, DC

  • The Doctor: Presentations, training, tutorials, user groups, code hacking. PGP key id: 0x807B17C1, (
  • Punkbob: Running Tor instances, general Tor related stuff, dealing with abuse complaints. Andrew at PDQVPN dot COM

Bay Area, CA

  • raidz: (training, meetings) Contact: andrew AT
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