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We don't sell shirts directly any more; we have an arrangement with Tor
to send shirts when you donate to Tor.

Tor Shirt - Slate Grey Tor Shirt - Italian Plum Tor Shirt - Ombre Blue Tor Shirt - Back

Men, Pantone Colors: Slate Grey, Italian Plum, Ombre Blue.

Tor Shirt - Women Tor Shirt - Women Back

Women, Pantone Color: Italian Plum.

  • 100% pre-shrunk organic cotton
  • Premium cotton lasts longer
  • Water-based silk screen print
  • Made fairly
  • Certification: GOTS
  • Sizes: Men S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Sizes: Women S, M, L

Payment Methods

We accept only bank transfers right now.
Bank transfers are free within the Euro zone.


Please email us your order to and don't forget your shipping address.

Out of stock:

These sizes are out of stock:

  • Ombre Blue: M
  • Ombre Blue: L
  • Ombre Blue: XL
  • Ombre Blue: XXL
  • Italian Plum: M
  • Italian Plum: L
  • Slate Grey: M

Please choose instead a classic black or green Tor t-shirt in M or L:
Tor Classic Shirt - Black Tor Classic Shirt - Green

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