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 ====== Etherpad ====== ====== Etherpad ======
-We run an Etherpad ​server on https://pad.torservers.net/​ . Hidden service address is http://​cyoiywe4ujv4rhe7.onion/​ , but due to a bug in Etherpad ​it uses https links and pads can only be reached using their direct URL.+FIXME Etherpad ​does not work properlyNew experiments with Etherpad ​Lite should ​be made. Do not use this guide.
-FIXME For some reasonyou cannot create new pads with FF4What is wrong?+We run an Etherpad server on https://​pad.torservers.net/​ . Hidden service address is http://​cyoiywe4ujv4rhe7.onion/ ​but due to a bug in Etherpad it uses https links and pads can only be reached using their direct URL.
 ===== Setup ===== ===== Setup =====
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