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Each of these has been contacted for partnership in Tor hosting and been told about abuse problems etc. Suggest hosters and I will contact them.

If you want to read more about our experience with certain providers, have a look at this page.

ISP Location custom whois offer/orientation comment
nforce.com NL Y 565,25 Euro: 100 TB outbound, inbound free Processor(s) Intel 4-core 2.4 GHz (X3430), 8GB RAM
axigy.com US ? 199$ Intel Xeon X3470 - 4x 2.93 GHz, 8GB RAM
100tb.com US/UK US:Y;UK:? UK:$270: 100TB outbound, inbound free, 20ct/GB extra, Quad Xeon 3220, 8GB RAM, 2x500GB
100tb.eu NL Y 169€: 50TB in + 50TB out, Dual E2160, 4GB RAM; maybe we need the maxi duo HW for 200Euro “As long as abuse complaints are solved swiftly this is not an issue. Yes we can swip a range of IPs to you.” 1)
2Host.com US Y $150: 100TB out, 100TB in, Quad Q9550, 4GB RAM, 2x500GB custom whois no problem, abuse should be okay; cheap offers at webhostingtalk
2x4.ru RU Y Contact for pricing tor ok, does not care what you host, will forward abuse

no custom WHOIS

ISP Location custom whois offer/orientation comment
t-n media RO N 250€ 1Gbit dedicated Intel Core i7, 6GB RAM, 2x 1,5TB tor ok, will forward abuse
Net100TB NL N 219€: 100TB in+out, Quad, 8GB RAM
Yazuhost NL N 150€ 100TB up 100TB down Xeon 3210, 4GB RAM, 500GB tor ok, Leaseweb reseller, can forward DMCA complaints
Xenex USA N $379 E5620 8GB 2x500GB 100TB “We cannot reassign IP blocks.”

currently contacting

ISP Location custom whois offer/orientation comment
RapidSpeeds 140GBP 1Gbit unmetered Not going to host you. no custom WHOIS
thordc HW prices


ISP Location custom whois offer/orientation comment
Leaseweb NL N ~106 euro 100mbit/s dedi unshared, E2160, 4GB always forwards all abuse complaints
UnmeteredServers ? N $749.99/Month $0/Setup Fee , 2nd Month Free, Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon e5620 2.4Ghz 12GB ECC DDR2/3 Memory “should abuse complaints get to overwhelming we would no choice but to cancel the service as we need to keep our ipspace clean” 2)
Cinipac eg. IRAN ? 130€ 3000GB privacy hoster
PRQ SE Y too expensive ex the piratebay hoster
Rapidswitch UK N 100€ 10TB As long as the use of the server abides by these guidelines it is ok. Please note that if we do receive an abuse report for the server we can suspend it.
Santrex FR/US/DE/UK Y $160 10TB 24h-48h response time
Sh3lls US Y $90 10mbit, $300 100mbit “timely” reaction; also see https://secure.sh3lls.net/viewticket.php?tid=318437&c=vGvu5uwz
Netrouting NL N €50 10mbit E2220, 2GB “timely” reaction
Serverconnect NL ? 220€ 10TB ?
Shinjiru MY Y $190 1500GB tor sponsor, privacy hoster malaysia
DirectSpace US ? Xeon 5110 , 4GB RAM, 2x500GB, 100TB up 100TB down, $10/TB custom notice should be no problem, very poor communication. no reply about custom whois.
Carat CA ? 300€ 10TB known privacy hoster

avoid these ISPs

ISP reference
FDCservers kicked us within a month
Ecatel bad ISP, ignores all abuse, bad reputation
EvoBoxes http://www.freelists.org/post/torservers/evoboxes-node,1
Incero "We don't allow TOR"
MakoSolutions “Open proxies are forbidden.”
Redstation against AUP term 3 “tunneling unidentified traffic”
Securedservers likes Tor, but carrier does not

Provider Independent IP Space

  • would be excellent to have
  • expensive
    • http://lir.at : 1000 EUR setup, 100 EUR yearly
    • http://openpeering.nl : 650 EUR setup, 150 EUR yearly
    • http://CB3ROB.NET : even more expensive
    • smaller nets than 256 are not routed, you have to at least use 25% of all IPs, and they all have to be routed to the same ISP → use IPs for bridges
    • Yes the old justification used to be for SSL'ed hosting, I think we can easily justify this, as tor is SSL, and if we have several bridges…
    • RIPE NCC charge 50€ for PI/AS issued on the same day see http://www.ripe.net/ripe/docs/ripe-499 We just need to find a member who doesn't want funny numbers as above.