Anonymous Publishing 101

There's probably a lot more to think about, but here are some thoughts on how to publish and receive information with the help of Tor hidden services. This is a quick and dirty guide and it could use some more explanations.

  • get a number of VPS across different continents. pay anonymously. only access them through tor.
    • for a small site, 256MB should be enough. better 512mb.
    • the last one to publish its address will be the one handling requests
  • only use Tor clients for public hidden services
  • sign everything you do, website and everything, using a gpg key
  • if you use jabber, publish your OTR fingerprint and sign it using your gpg key
  • remove every useless package, close the firewall except a random SSH port above 1024
  • once you are comfortable accessing your boxes per SSH through tor you can even close that port
    • you might want to set up portknocking/single-packet authorization in case hidden services are unreachable
  • run a stripped down/well configured webserver that does not leak information
    • bind it to just localhost and some port

Add something like the following lines to the Tor (default) client config:

# local webserver at port 22932
HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_web/
HiddenServicePort 80

# local ssh at port 12924
HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_ssh/
HiddenServicePort 12924
  • reload/restart Tor
  • before you reload Tor the first time on the next boxes, copy the content of hidden_web to use the same .onion
  • for a submission system, you could use randomly generated addresses from or
  • if you want a cleartext site with info, for very simple info sites you could use (at PRQ Sweden) or similar to host it for free
  • don't forget to sign everything
  • don't use free hosters like tumblr, wordpress etc.
  • best offer/use https, even for the cleartext website
  • you can also anonymously get more VPS, use them to host your content in cleartext, and make them rsync from your hidden service

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