Privacy Happy Hour

The Future of Privacy is In Our Hands:
Trade-offs between Usability, Security and Encryption
– a Technical Discussion.

When: Friday, October 9.
Networking over free beer and finger foods starts at 5 pm.
Panel discussion starts around 6:30 pm.

Where: ExRotaprint, Gottschedstraße 4, Aufgang 4, 13357 Berlin.

It is a fundamental right of democracy that privacy is being respected
and protected. And waiting for legislative - led privacy suggestions
that politicians debate endlessly - their compromises at best only make
the terrible less terrible. At worst, things will just get worse. The
real issue is: unless we do something, (Internet) privacy is just a
historical dream of a forgotten era. How can we make encryption not only
easy-to-use and ubiquitous but the preferred standard for communications
and business? What language is required to get standards in place fast
and what legislation can be passed that builds a positive agenda for the
Internet? How can we be proactive and on top of things so we’re not
fighting from behind? Let's have a lively debate in a casual setting,
with leading technology experts, business leaders and the pioneers right
in the middle challenging all sides of what the Internet needs to become.

Join this Privacy Salon at the new offices of the Tor community in the
Exrotaprint Building and learn just how we must secure the future of
Internet privacy together.

Moderator: Rafael Laguna, CEO Open-Xchange
Jens Kubieziel,
Carlo von Lynx, #youbroketheinternet
Peer Heinlein, CEO Heinlein Support,
Karsten Neß, Privacy Expert, Heinlein Support,
Christian Dawson, Co-founder and Managing Director i2 Coalition

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