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 Abuse Department ​ Abuse Department ​
 https://​www.torservers.net/​ https://​www.torservers.net/​
 +===== Abuse of Services =====
 +We're sorry to hear about this incident. It is not our goal to support
 +or condone criminal activities. We provide our services to people behind
 +censoring firewalls in oppressive regimes. Tor is key technology for
 +Internet users and citizens in China, Iran, Syria, Kazakhstan and many
 +other countries to be able to access uncensored media and exchange
 +information freely. We strongly stand for this and see it as a modern
 +human right. Unfortunately,​ this means we have to take a close watch on
 +illegal activities and abuse of anonymizing technology like Tor.
 +Your reports are very important to understand how usage of Tor is
 +developing over time. As a network of 13 non-profit organizations in 10
 +countries, we push quite some large amounts of data at various locations
 +for Tor (20G+). Based on the limited amount of information we are
 +legally allowed to look at to protect our users, and the number of
 +reports like yours, we still feel that the balance is very much on the
 +legal side. We are in close contact with "​regular"​ ISPs, and it seems
 +our level of "abuse per traffic/​number of users" is on par with what
 +they see.
 +Please understand that Tor makes it technically impossible to single out
 +individual users. We also are legally bound to respective privacy
 +rights. What I can offer is to block certain destination ports and IP
 +addresses, but I strongly advocate against these types of blocks because
 +they will affect _all_ users of Tor, not only the "bad apples"​. You can
 +also simply block Tor users -- again, all of them! -- on your end. If
 +you need help with that, let us know. If levels of abuse turn out to
 +become too high, please consider to lift the block after some time so
 +friendly users of Tor can again access your resources. If you value the
 +privacy of your visitors, we can also talk about less "​either-or"​
 +strategies modeled around your service.
 +Thanks for your understanding! Please use $XYZ to best
 +reach us should any issues arise.
 +Moritz Bartl 
 +Abuse Department
 </​file>​ </​file>​
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