Privacy Policy

Wir speichern nicht-Netzwerk
As a German organization, we fully comply with Telemediengesetz ยง15 (the German telemedia law), which prohibits to log any personally identifiable data or usage data unless required for billing purposes. As we do not charge for our services, we will never be able to keep any connection data.


Our webserver(s) do not log IPs nor use cookies or other tracking mechanisms. It does not link to external media or use any external scripts.

Tor Exits

Our Tor configurations use anonymized "info" logging and do not store any IPs either. The complete configuration is public.


Please be aware that when you send us email, they will be stored on our mail server. Use GPG and optionally, Tor or Privacybox.


Any volunteer that has access to sensitive information is required to use full disk encryption. We build relations on trust, and require real-life meets before you can work on stuff that requires access to any of our servers.

Site Content License

All text on our website and wiki is public domain unless already published under a more restricted license. If you want to use images, please contact us first.

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